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Personal or Time Management?

I see and hear and read about all the folks looking to manage their time better.

It’s a big deal for lots and lots of people.

Screenshot of Time Management search with 4,830,000,000 results
Over 4 Billion results for Time Management

In fact, the topic is in big enough demand, that by doing a quick search, Google shows “About 3,620,000,000 results” for Time Management Tips and “About 4,830,000,000 results” for Time Management.

Of course, your results may be a bit different depending on where you’re searching from and whether you’re using a VPN to skew the local results.

I feel this is looking for the wrong answer by asking the wrong question.

In my experience, the question shouldn’t be “How do I manage my time better?”, but it should be restated as “How do I manage myself better?”.

By better managing one’s attention & energy, the management of one’s time occurs more automatically.

By making better and quicker decisions, one’s time is automatically “managed” a bit better.

It’s a side effect.

It’s a much sought after result, but it’s still a side effect. 

By altering our mindset a bit, asking a little different question and looking for a little different answer, we improve our chances of accomplishing the “time management” skill so many are looking for.

This is something we’ll look into in future sessions, but for now, it’s time for me to get back to my most immediate project.

We’re working on building a learning center for both you and I.

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope your day exceeds your greatest expectations!