Building a Dream Life Mindset

Take the First Step

Where to Start? Take that first step and get started with your online business.  Doesn’t matter whether you want just a little bit of “extra” money, or you really do want to run your own biz.  In these days of information overload it seems as if paralysis by analysis is becoming more and more prevalent.  […]

Success in Life

Be Like the Bee

Be like the Bee It’s a good thing if we can get our business running like a Bee Hive. Meaning that every individual has their duties and goes about completing those duties without much oversight or “management”. Alas, that’s where Bees and Humans differ significantly. With a Bee, the need to do it’s job is […]

Mindset Personal Management Time Management

Personal or Time Management?

I see and hear and read about all the folks looking to manage their time better. It’s a big deal for lots and lots of people. In fact, the topic is in big enough demand, that by doing a quick search, Google shows “About 3,620,000,000 results” for Time Management Tips and “About 4,830,000,000 results” for […]

Endangered Species

Endangered Wildlife Species or The World’s Rarest Mammal

Have you thought much about our endangered species here on earth? Rarest Mammal in the World Please allow me to introduce you to the “World’s Rarest Mammal” today, the Javan Rhinoceros. “How rare are they?”, you ask.

London England Mindset Patience

Practice Patience Please!

Practice Patience, please! It’s my hope that You will practice patience whenever anyone is asking you for Directions. Asking for directions is a two-edged sword. Shouldn’t be, but often it is.   A Little Story Here’s a little story to illustrate my point.  You see, I’m an American living in London, England. There’s a lot […]

Confidence Mindset

CONFIDENCE! One of the Laws of Success.

CONFIDENCE Do you exude confidence or do you go through your day in a state of hesitation? How confident are you? Do you have enough confidence to make important decisions on the fly? Some folks seem to live their lives hesitating and taking forever to make every single decision. They appear to lack confidence. My […]

I Can belief Mindset Success in Life

Are Your Ideas Big Enough?

Are Your Ideas Big Enough? Yesterday we talked about the split personality that is within each and every one of us. Today I’m going to ask something which may seem a bit incongruent with that one. My question for you today…

Mindset Success in Life

Self Improvement Should Always Be The Goal!

Have you ever wondered why professional atheletes have a coach? Self Improvement should always be our first priority every single day! That’s the reason, Self-Improvement. I’ve been reading the book Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith, which was recommended to me by Sean Mize (thanks for the great reading recommendations Sean!).

Mindset Success in Life

Speaking with Confidence

Speaking with Confidence What thoughts pop into your head when you read those words… Speaking with Confidence? Like most people, you may have instantly thought “I don’t do public speaking so that’s not something I need to worry about.” Buzzzz! You are ever so Wrong! Think about it for a minute…

Policy Product Creation

Your Guarantee and Return Policy

Your Guarantee and Return Policy I’ve not heard of many who start creating their product with the Guarantee & Return Policy, but that’s exactly what I suggest you do.  Every single product. Every single time. What kind of Guarantee do you look for when buying a product for yourself? What do you look for in […]