Success in Life

Be Like the Bee

Bee gathering pollen from a Chive Bloom
This Bee Loves Chives

Be like the Bee

It’s a good thing if we can get our business running like a Bee Hive.

Meaning that every individual has their duties and goes about completing those duties without much oversight or “management”.

Alas, that’s where Bees and Humans differ significantly.

With a Bee, the need to do it’s job is very instinctive.

With humans, we have to be taught to do that job, along with any other job which needs to be done.

Some humans pick these teachings up (learn) much quicker and some much slower, but we all still need to be taught.

So I guess the moral to this story is:
Hire well, Teach well, then step back and let the “Bee” do what needs to be done.

Hope you have a Bee-yootiful Day!