Self Improvement Should Always Be The Goal!

Have you ever wondered why professional atheletes have a coach?

Self Improvement should always be our first priority every single day!

That’s the reason, Self-Improvement.

I’ve been reading the book Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith, which was recommended to me by Sean Mize (thanks for the great reading recommendations Sean!).
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Speaking with Confidence

Speaking with Confidence

What thoughts pop into your head when you read those words… Speaking with Confidence?

Like most people, you may have instantly thought “I don’t do public speaking so that’s not something I need to worry about.”

Buzzzz! You are ever so Wrong!

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Mindset and Marketing go Hand in Hand

Continuing on from the previous post, let’s stay on the subject of mindset, and especially the mindset needed in marketing.

Too often I hear people use the word “can’t”, as in “I Can’t” or “You Can’t” do that.

As has been said and proven time and time again, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re probably right.”  Really, it’s self-explanatory and self-fulfilling, but let’s dig into it just a bit.

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