Mindset and Marketing go Hand in Hand

Continuing on from the previous post, let’s stay on the subject of mindset, and especially the mindset needed in marketing.

Too often I hear people use the word “can’t”, as in “I Can’t” or “You Can’t” do that.

As has been said and proven time and time again, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re probably right.”  Really, it’s self-explanatory and self-fulfilling, but let’s dig into it just a bit.

A quick look through history will confirm that most the great ideas & achievements have come from those that believed “I Can!” Continue reading “Mindset and Marketing go Hand in Hand”

The Most Important Tool

Hi, thanks for spending a bit of Your valuable time with me today.  I really do appreciate you!

You came here today out of curiosity.

Curious about what I write about, what I believe, or maybe just why?

Whatever the case, stick with me for a minute or two and decide whether you agree with me on The Most Important Tool we all have at our disposal, then let me know what you think. Continue reading “The Most Important Tool”