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Your Guarantee and Return Policy

Your Guarantee and Return Policy

I’ve not heard of many who start creating their product with the Guarantee & Return Policy, but that’s exactly what I suggest you do. 

Every single product.

Every single time.

What kind of Guarantee do you look for when buying a product for yourself?

What do you look for in a Return Policy when you are shopping for yourself?

Have you ever not bought something because you didn’t like the guarantee or return policy?

I know I have. 

The Guarantee… not so much.  The Return Policy, you bet’cha!

I’m sure you have too. 

Maybe not consciously, but at some point, I’m sure you’ve done it too.

What brought me to this topic today? 

A couple of days ago, I needed a belt for my jeans. 

A black belt for my jeans

While my better half and I were walking around, we stopped in a clothing store in the market. 

It’s a well established store. 

A long-time fixture in the area. 

We stepped in, and within a couple of minutes were walking out with an inexpensive, but badly needed belt.

Easy to find, easy to purchase, no long lines and this was just a few days after Christmas.

Wasn’t til I looked at the receipt that I noticed their return policy reads like a town ordinance.

I’ll print it here, word for word, but I’m leaving the name of the retailer out, because this is about creating a good policy, not chastising them for theirs being not so good, in my humble opinion.

Here is the “Return Policy” that triggered this post(exactly as printed on their receipt, including punctuation):

“Christmas Returns Policy 2016 – As long as you have your receipt and the item is in its original condition, full price items purchased from 14 Nov until 12 Dec can be returned within 28 days for a full refund but can also be returned up until 09 Jan 2017 for an exchange only.  All sale items must be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase with a valid receipt for a refund or exchange.

Please ask in store for further details

Your statutory rights are not affected”

It goes on with the company name & other required details from here.

Back to the question about your guarantee and/or return policy…
Does yours read like this one, with multiple dates listed in combination with multiple types of return and multiple time frames, depending on said dates?

If it does, junk it. NOW!

Do yourself and your customers a huge favor and write one that is simple to read, simple to understand, and takes all the risk of buying away from your customer/client/prospect.

Remember, the longer the return period, the less likely a return is, unless the product itself is not of high quality or information.

Since we associate with one another, high quality is not an issue, is it?

To sum up, less complexity leads to happier customers and more consistent sales, providing the product is good.

That’s it for today.

I hope your day is Great, your email is full of Sales Alerts, and the smile on your face is permanent!