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Are Your Ideas Big Enough?

Are Your Ideas Big Enough?

Yesterday we talked about the split personality that is within each and every one of us.

Today I’m going to ask something which may seem a bit incongruent with that one.

My question for you today…


Recently I was in a forum where the idea came up of creating your own platform in order to control the amount of people coming to your site(s) and products.

One of the ideas constant throughout all nearly all thoughts was it’s okay to create a platform, but everyone was certain that we could not build anything to compete with Google.

To which my reply is…
Are your Ideas or Dreams BIG Enough?

The reason I ask this is because of all the companies we now look at as “too big to compete with”, were once in the same position we are in now.

Before Google came along, Yahoo was the search giant.

Before Amazon came along, WalMart was the biggest retailer.

Before Microsoft came along, IBM was the largest computer/software company.

Each one of these companies were once in a position where they had to dream a gigantic dream to even consider climbing into the same arena as the giant they were chasing.

I’m not saying that the Big Idea or a Gigantic Dream is enough.

It’s not.

One needs a lot of things to go the way you want for things to happen the way you want, but is it impossible?

Only for those who never even attempt it.

A Big Idea Is Necessary!

Without that big idea, would a new “biggest” or “best” company have come along?

Probably not.

Without it, J. C. Penny, Sears or Woolworths might still be the largest retailer.

IBM would still be the largest software/computer company.

Those companies are not at the top of the heap anymore and the current “biggest” companies won’t stay there forever either.

It takes a BIG Idea, a Huge amount of Energy, a Fantastic and Constant Vision along with a lot of “right” decisions, actions and breaks during the journey.

The thing I like the most about those gigantic dreams and big ideas is that if you miss a bit, you still have a good chance of being very successful along the way.

Be sure to allow yourself to Dream that Gigantic Dream, come up with that BIG Idea, and remember to keep the two workers inside of you talking with each other.

Give yourself that ever important chance to become as successful as possible by dreaming as big as you can.

Thank you for spending a bit of time with me today and I hope you have a beautifully successful day!