The Most Important Tool

Hi, thanks for spending a bit of Your valuable time with me today.  I really do appreciate you!

You came here today out of curiosity.

Curious about what I write about, what I believe, or maybe just why?

Whatever the case, stick with me for a minute or two and decide whether you agree with me on The Most Important Tool we all have at our disposal, then let me know what you think.

In my (sometimes not-so-humble) opinion, the most important tool we

A 1919 portrait of Henry Ford.
A 1919 portrait of Henry Ford.

have at our beck-and-call is… Our Mind, or more specifically, our Mindset!

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” — Henry Ford *

In other words, no matter what you believe, you’ll find a way to make it true, or at least appear to be true.

So many people are ready & willing to gossip or commiserate at the drop of a pin.  If you work in an office environment, you’ll see it near the water cooler, in the break room, or in a remote cubicle at the corner of the office.

The real kicker is that this really does no one any good!  Which brings me to another Ford quote…

“Do not find fault, find a Remedy.”

These two quotes are fantastic words to live by!

Make sure these two statements are at the top of your daily reading list and it won’t take long before you look at life a bit differently and begin building a better world for you and all those around you.

Thanks again for spending a bit of your day with me, and I’d be thrilled if we could do it again tomorrow!

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I hope you have a Great and Productive Day!

*according to Reader’s Digest, September 1947

Whether You Believe You Can Do a Thing or Not, You Are Right

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